My Site Storage Quota Exceeded


User reports that their My Site storage limit has been reached (‘_layouts/storman.aspx’) even though they have used less space than their actual quota.


The first thing to look at here is whether they have items in their recycle bin since this counts against their total quota:


However from this view you will only be able to see documents you have deleted yourself; instead go to,


Once you or the user has deleted these items they will be moved to the site collection (i.e. secondary) recycle bin.


This has it’s own quota that can be set from central admin at the web application level (go to ‘Application Management’ -> ‘Web Application General Settings’).

We had an issue like this passed on to us (2nd/3rd line support) with the user claiming they had emptied their recycle bin but that their My Site was still full.

It turns out the client had a mapping between their users’ My Sites and a folder on their desktops; to clear space the user had deleted some documents from this folder (using Windows Explorer) and when asked to empty her recycle bin had done so on her own computer rather than in SharePoint!

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